Historical Facts About Teeth and Dentistry

By March 20, 2017Dental Health

Most people do not realize how far back dentistry really goes. It goes far beyond just the last hundred or two hundred years. In fact, dentistry goes back a few thousand years.

People of the past discovered a lot about teeth, and that’s what started the path towards what is now known as modern dentistry. Here are a few things that have led to what we now know as a dentist.

Historical Facts and Figures That Changed Dentistry

Let’s start with one that is somewhat recent in terms of this examination. Did you hear that George Washington had dentures made of wood? If so, that is a myth. His dentures were actually made out of metal, a bit of ivory, and a combination of animal teeth.

Do you know how modern science can identify remains based on teeth? This isn’t recent. Paul Revere is the first documented person who went through and identified a body based on dental work. He was going over a battlefield looking for survivors, and was able to positively identify a friend who had dental work performed by Revere in the weeks prior to his demise.

Romans were the first civilization to use gold crowns. They used them to help restore function to mouths ravaged by cavities and tooth decay. Egyptians were the first documented civilization to use fillings, and they have been able to examine them by looking through the remains of opened tombs.

What we thought were modern advances, actually dated back hundreds and thousands of years. It is amazing to see just how far dentistry has come, but also to look at what those civilizations were able to do with far fewer tools and options than we have today. The next time you see your dentist, see how many of these interesting facts they knew!

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