Issues That Can Come from Bad Oral Health Besides Cavities

By April 17, 2017Dental Health

When you do not take proper care of your teeth, you are going to wind up with issues in your mouth. That is a given. Most people get cavities and gum disease when proper oral hygiene routines are not followed.

However, there are other issues you could get from poor oral health as well. If you want to protect your body as a whole, go in and see your dentist pronto.

Illnesses That Come from Poor Oral Health

Here are a few illnesses and ailments that come from having poor oral health. If you have not been taking proper care of your mouth, maybe these problems will be enough of a reason for you to start.

  1. – Diabetes has long been connected to those who have poor oral health.
  2. –  Dementia is connected to poor oral health through a plaque buildup in the brain.
  3. – Pneumonia is caused by inhaling germs, which happens after breathing, as those germs go straight down into your lungs and start causing a ruckus.
  4. –  Abscesses on the brain are another ailment that can come from poor oral health. Just like your tooth can get an abscess, so can your brain when those infectious germs start to migrate around your body.
  5. – Kidney disease is another issue that can come from poor oral health, especially as we get older.
  6. – Ulcers have been more recently tied to poor oral health, in that the bacteria coming out of the mouth has been shown to increase the pain associated with ulcer flares.

Want to avoid these illnesses? Then contact our office today. Go in and get started with a new oral health routine that you keep up with, so you can keep these problems away as much as possible.