Keep Your Mouth Healthy During Allergy Season

By April 27, 2017Dental Health

During most seasons of the year, allergies can be problems for many people. This spring and summer, allergies are going to be a problem for people all around the world once more. Allergies are a catch 22.

You either live in misery to avoid the side effects of the medication, or you take the medication and live in misery with the side effects. No matter which route you take, there are things you can do to help. Here are a few things that can help your mouth stay safer during allergy season.

Drink Lots of Water

Sinus pressure is typically one of the first problems people notice during allergy season. This can make the teeth ache simply because of the pressure buildup. Plus, most allergy medications leave you facing dry mouth. Both of these issues can be helped by drinking lots of water each day. Instead of letting your mouth dry out or your sinus mucous to be thick and even more painful, water can help alleviate many of both of these symptoms.

Stay Inside When You Can

When you have the ability, stay indoors. Use your home’s heating and cooling system to keep the allergies at bay. This can help you not be miserable from pain, and it can keep your symptoms down.

Keep Your Throat Coated

Another common symptom of allergies is a sore throat that can start at the back of your mouth and go all the way down to nearly your stomach. If you drink tea with honey, or eat foods like yogurt that keep your throat coated, this can help your throat not hurt, and allow your allergy symptoms to dissipate.

Your dentist is another valuable tool during allergy season. They can help you avoid many of the miserable symptoms of allergies, and keep your mouth healthy in the process.

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