The Role of Saliva

By May 20, 2017Dental Health

Did you know that saliva is one of the most important liquids in your body? It has a very important job. There isn’t another liquid in your body that can replace saliva, should you not produce enough.

It keeps your teeth and oral tissues moist, it helps protect your teeth, it washes your mouth out, and it helps to keep the pH levels within your mouth balanced to try and negate the effects of acids or bases that do damage to your mouth.

What Saliva Really Does

The first thing saliva does is to wash off your teeth. It constantly washes over them, helping to keep them cleaner. When it is washing them, it is also doing its second job, which is replacing lost minerals and vitamins that your teeth need to be healthy. It helps to replace anything that your teeth took to try and fix themselves, which may now be depleted.

Next, your saliva changes itself to add a bit more base, or a bit more acidity, into your mouth to get it back to a neutral pH. This is important, as both bases and acids can erode your enamel. It is also keeping your gum tissues moist, which helps them stay healthier.

Your body naturally produces a good amount of saliva, but there are things that can decrease how much saliva you produce. If you want to produce a bit more to help protect your mouth, stay hydrated, eat a lot of fibrous foods to stimulate more, and keep your oral health as high as you can get it.

If you do not produce much saliva, then contact our office. He or she is the best resource in seeing if you are producing enough saliva, and they can also help suggest ways of helping you produce more.