The Type of Damage Acid Can Do to Your Teeth

By May 30, 2017Dental Health

Your teeth don’t like it when you eat or drink acidic items. It causes damage to your enamel, and it can leave your teeth reeling in discomfort. If you want to be able to avoid this discomfort, then you should avoid consuming acids.

Acids can do a lot of damage to your teeth, especially if you go an extended period of time between eating and brushing. Here are some of the things that can happen to your teeth, just from acids.

Acids and Your Teeth

When you consume acids, those acids instantly go to work on your teeth. They eat through the enamel, causing tooth sensitivity and even causing tooth decay. The longer acids sit on your teeth, the more damage they can do. Acids are known for causing discoloration of your teeth, including anything from staining to making your teeth appear more translucent. Acids can also cause your teeth to crack, leaving you in pain or even facing extractions from the damage.

Where Your Teeth Encounter Acids

There are some very common places where you can encounter some acids. This can include drinking sports drinks and acidic juices like grapefruit. Wine can also cause acid damage to your teeth. If you get the flu and wind up vomiting, this can also where your teeth can encounter acids at a very concentrated level. Sugar also creates an acidic environment in your mouth, by promoting the growth of bacteria that release acids.

If your teeth are showing any of the signs that they have been damaged by acids, contact our office. Let them know what you are going through, and let them look at your teeth. If your teeth are showing signs of acid erosion, they will need to help you come up a treatment plan to repair as much damage as possible.