How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Teeth

By March 30, 2017Dental Health

Winter is coming in quickly and with a vengeance this year. The cold weather is supposed to extend deeper into the U.S. than normal this year as well.

If your teeth are sensitive to the cold, this could cause you to wind up with a bit of pain in your mouth when the cold weather hits. Here are a few things to do should your mouth be affected by the cold.

Effects of Cold Weather on The Teeth

Little areas along your gums can become extremely sensitive to cold as you get older, even if you do not suffer from any type of gum disease or ailment. This can make even breathing during the cold weather more difficult. Plus, if you open your mouth and feel that sensitivity hit, it can actually cause your tooth to contract slightly, since your teeth are porous.

Once your mouth warms back up, your tooth will re-expand to its normal size and feel better. After a few times of this happening, it can cause slight cracks in your enamel. Most of the time, these cracks go unnoticed; however, they can become very obvious when they are exposed to something extremely cold.

If you notice this, first of all, contact your dentist. Tell him or her where the pain was and allow them to take a look. Second, make sure you keep your mouth closed as much as you can when out in the cold. Finally, cover your mouth with a scarf if you must be outside to temper just how much cold air gets into your mouth to cause an issue.

Sensitive teeth do not need to stop you from having fun in winter’s cold. Just make sure you go in and get your dentist to take a look at your mouth first!

Please contact our office if you have any questions about the effects of cold weather on your smile.