Porcelain Veneers - Before and After

Before and after photos of a patient who received porcelain veneers.

When it comes to cosmetic dental procedures that make a big difference in the beauty of your smile, porcelain veneers are at the top of the list. If you are tired of the way your teeth look, porcelain veneers have the ability to put you in control of how they look. Finally, you can decide what your smile will look like! Porcelain veneers allow you to control the coloration, size, shape, and spacing of your teeth in virtually any way you can imagine.


What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin strips of porcelain that are custom crafted to fit over the front and sides of your teeth. We use porcelain because it can look almost exactly like your natural teeth and because it’s great at resisting staining. Porcelain is also strong enough to withstand the act of chewing food. We place these thin strips over your teeth, and they act as the new “front” of your teeth.


What Dental Veneers can do for You

Dental veneers have the ability to transform your smile however you would like. With porcelain veneers we can fix or alter the following issues:

  • Teeth that are too far apart
  • Teeth that are too close together
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Teeth that appear too small of too large
  • Coloration issues like staining or white spots
  • Crooked teeth

When you decide to have veneers placed, you can schedule an appointment with us for a no obligation consultation by calling (425) 485-4010. We will discuss what issues you have with your smile and come up with a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan will detail how many teeth will receive veneers and what issues you would like to fix.


The Process for Placing Dental Veneers

After the consultation, we will start the process of preparing your teeth to receive the veneers. Your teeth must have a thin layer of enamel removed from their outer surface. We shave some of the enamel off of your teeth so that the veneers will look natural, otherwise, they would appear far too large to be your natural teeth.


It will take us some time to have your porcelain veneers crafted at our dental lab. Once they are finished, it will be time for your to return to have them placed on your teeth. Before we place them on your teeth, we will clean your teeth with a special cleaner and apply a permanent dental adhesive to the surface of your teeth. This adhesive allows us to place and position the veneers on your teeth without having to worry about the cement hardening on us until we shine a special ultraviolet light on it.


Dental Veneer Care

It’s important to take good care of your investment in your new smile. Don’t bite hard foods or objects like ice or candies using your teeth. Avoid using your teeth as a tool to open packaging as this can chip or crack your veneers.


Please call us today at (425) 485-4010 to schedule an appointment.