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Tooth Extractions

Tooth loss is not a fun thing to experience. Fortunately, we are well versed in tooth extraction and replacement, so we are the perfect practice to return your mouth to a state of complete health. There are a few different ways that a tooth might end up needing extraction. Our primary concern is to make sure that you understand the series of events that lead to your tooth needing to be removed and the safe removal of the tooth.

When will a tooth need to be extracted?

There are lots of reasons that you might need a tooth to be removed. Wisdom teeth are extremely common, and most people do not have enough room in their mouth for their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often come in at inappropriate angles that make them a danger to other teeth and structures in the mouth. They often get impacted where they are trapped from fully erupting resulting in overlying gum or bone.

Other common reasons that you might need a tooth extraction include extreme decay, periodontal disease, root fractures, root resorption and physical trauma.

The Extraction Procedure

There are two kinds of tooth extractions, simple and surgical. Simple tooth extractions can be accomplished when we can remove the tooth without having to remove bone from around the tooth or cutting the tooth into sections. Surgical extractions are when we have to remove bone and/or section the tooth to remove it. A common surgical extraction situation is an impacted tooth.

Simple Tooth Extractions

A simple extraction is performed when we can grip the tooth using a special tool. This tool is called an “elevator”. As the name suggests, simple extractions are fairly straightforward. We just grip the tooth with the elevator and rock it back and forth very gently. The rocking motion loosens the tooth, and eventually, we can just pull the tooth free of your mouth. Once the tooth has been extracted, we will irrigate the site to disinfect it and pack it with gauze.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

If it is determined that a tooth cannot be removed with a simple extraction procedure we proceed with a surgical removal procedure to remove it. Surgical extractions require us to make an incision in the gumline to access the tooth and bone. Once we have access, we may remove some bone and/or section the tooth to allow its removal. Once we have removed the tooth, we will irrigate the site and suture the site closed and use gauze to soak up any bleeding that is taking place.

Post-Extraction Care

We will always provide our patients with post-procedure instructions and it is important to closely follow these instructions and to take any prescriptions to avoid increasing the risk of complications.
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