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Complete Dentures
Bothell, WA

Smiling older man after receiving complete dentures from Noreen Goldwire, DDS in Bothell, WA. When you lose your teeth, your whole life is affected. Even the things that you once did with little thought, such as eating and speaking, become incredibly difficult. You find that it becomes harder, if not impossible, to eat your favorite foods. Your speech suffers, and others have a much harder time understanding you. Tooth loss also affects the quality of your smile and your confidence. The more teeth you lose, the worse these effects become. No matter how you lose your teeth, whether, through facial trauma, gum disease, severe decay, or another issue, the effects are all the same. If you have lost all of your teeth, Noreen Goldwire, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can help with complete dentures.

What are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are used when you are missing all of your teeth. Dentures have been in use for hundreds of years, although the dentures of today are much different from older types. The premise of dentures, however, is still the same. They are removable prosthetic teeth. Modern dentures consist of acrylic resin teeth that are set into a gum colored acrylic base. Dentures are designed to sit directly on your gums, with your gums and the ridge underneath providing the support to hold your replacement teeth in place. Dentures can use implants to help stabilize them.

Getting Your Complete Dentures

Getting complete dentures typically requires several appointments. If you have never had a denture and need teeth removed you will probably need more appointments than somebody who is getting a replacement or partial denture.

Caring for Your Dentures

Your new dentures will require special care. They need to be removed every night for cleaning. Before removing your dentures lay down a towel on the counter or fill your sink with water. Brush your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture paste. After they have been brushed, they should be placed in a glass of denture cleaning solution, where they should remain overnight. After your dentures have been cleaned, it is important to take care of your mouth, gently brushing your gums, and any remaining teeth, as well as your tongue. In the morning, rinse the dentures off before you replace them in your mouth.

Benefits of Complete Dentures

Dentures offer several benefits.
•  They help to restore the functions of your teeth. You can eat and speak normally once again.
•  They restore the appearance of your smile.
•  With a restored smile, you regain your confidence.

If you are missing all of your teeth, it is important that they are replaced as soon as possible. At Noreen Goldwire, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we care restore your smile with complete dentures. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation at (425) 485-4010.
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